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Meet The Artist

Bee Operanto MA, BA, (hons) PGCE.

I am a professional artist, illustrator, author and sculptor.

It is a rare occasion to see me out of my studio unless I am wandering in the woods around my home. My studio is nestled in a woodland with giant mushrooms, talking fish, and noisy hens which love to lunch in the studio with tea and cake; while dogs and cats are sleeping over my magical easels where characters dance across the canvas and on to the pages of a story.

My passion is working in 3D or creating in mixed media; many pieces had been exhibited across the UK and America. However, when I am not lost in a wonderland of creations, I am holding workshops, one to one art lessons, group art sessions or flying off to do art at different festivals.

I will be at Eastcott Studios this weekend. Alternatively take a peep at my YouTube channel

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