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The new Swindon Open Studios team

Updated: Apr 5, 2018

As of 2018 Swindon Open Studios is being run by a completely new team of volunteers. Meet the team below...

Deborah will be visiting artists to give advice and check out their venues.

Susan Carr

Susan Carr

Susan has a wealth of experience in arts consultation and public exhibitions and is providing us with general advice in the run up to this year's open studios launch.

Susan carr
Susan Carr

Caroline chairs committee meetings and generally organises and provides us all with tea and biscuits and she also runs our social media, the Old Town Trail and is coordinating our launch event.

Hannah is helping us with ideas and location finding for our launch event.

Nancy Elliot

Nancy takes our minutes and injects some sound logic into our proceedings.

Nancy Elliot
Nancy Elliot

Mary is planning to help us with the PR side of things; getting us some airtime and media coverage.

Chris is designing and managing the new website and artists' listings for this year along with co-managing all aspects of our social media and brochure production.

Susanne Webb

Susanne has kindly agreed to carry on as our treasurer and will be keeping our finances on track.

Susanne Webb
Susanne Webb

Cheryl will be helping with brochure production and social media, particularly our new instagram account.

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1 Comment

Mar 29, 2018

Really looking forward to taking part in Swindon Open Studios this year - especially as I'll be exhibiting my paintings alongside Sam Silverton, ceramicist extraordinaire!

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