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Why it pays to be social...

Swindon Open Studios Artists came along to the Kingsdown Pub on 12 July to meet fellow artists and discuss various ways of promoting themselves online and particularly through social media.

The event, organised by Deborah Battaglia and Chris Waddell saw several of our new artists along with some of the committee come to chat about how best to use instagram, facebook and twitter more effectively.

It proved to be a fun and useful experience for everyone including the committee members who absorbed new ideas and appreciated lots of positive feedback. It was great to hear from Billy Beaumont (who is rejoining Swindon Open Studios this year after a brief hiatus): "I felt my registration fee was excellent value given that my listing was online immediately and the committee were straight onto promoting me on instagram and the like."

Ann Parker Griffiths said: "What a brilliant evening! I learnt more tonight from socialising than I've done in a long time."

Helen Savin Thornhill said: "Thanks for organising - I really enjoyed meeting people and putting names and faces to artwork, especially being a newbie myself. It was great to get suggestions and tips from other participants, plus offers of a helping hand."

We hope to do more of these events and create an even stronger Swindon Open Studios community. As a new committee we appreciate everyone's patience as we get to grips with rebranding and growing Swindon Open Studios to be bigger and better each year.

We hope to see more of you at our next social which we will announce as soon as possible.

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