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Meet The Artist

Caryn Koh - Artist

"Her works are deeply personal and introspective as it revolves around her past. She reimagines herself in various situations based on what she has been through and narrations on current issues occurring around her as a form of documentation etched in time. She has explored different mediums from painting, installation and video art to deliver her message in her work. She has participated in numerous group exhibitions over the years in Malaysia, Taiwan and in United Kingdom. She has also been involved in the street art scene as she painted murals in different regions of Malaysia, United Kingdom, Spain, Philippines as well as Jogjakarta. She recently had her third solo exhibition titled "Within These Walls", an exhibition held at Mams gallery."

Featured here are "Just Me and You II" and "Just Me and You"

Caryn will have some original paintings and prints available this weekend at the SOS Art Market at Eastcott Studios.

Alternatively her work can be viewed on her website and social media:

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