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Karis - first time participant in 2022

I couldn't recommend SOS enough for all artists no matter what level you are at, whether it be a full-time job, side hustle or hobby.

I participated in my first exhibition last year and very nearly didn’t, thinking I was “too small an artist to do that” anyway how wrong was I!

I turned up with a few originals and some sketch books as prepared as I could be while having very young children at the time. I sold more than I expected too, as my exhibition was on the smaller side, but I gained so much knowledge and contacts throughout the process.

It was brilliant, the sort of organic information money can’t buy.

I owe Swindon open studios a lot as I wouldn’t be where I am now without them, and I made friends along the way.

The exhibition itself was a very good experience and l felt completely at ease. I was invited to show at a shared venue and was never left in the lurch with what to do next which made the process feel very stress free and the weekends were very enjoyable.

It was lovely watching strangers commenting on my art. You may get comments on social media but to see it in real life is a different level of joy. So, if you are thinking of doing Swindon Open Studios go for it and if you are not sure please speak to us and we would be happy to help.

Karis Rose

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