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A rising tide lifts all boats

Updated: Oct 3, 2018 of my favourite aphorisms promoting the idea that we can all benefit from collective good fortune.

This is one of several reasons why the fundamental community focus of Swindon Open Studios appeals to me. The idea that we are not in competition with each other but, instead, we are in a position to help each other by showcasing each other's work and encouraging any visitors to our studios to also visit our neighbouring artists.

It would be fair to say that as a new Open Studios artist in 2017, Hannah Dosanjh certainly benefited from the Swindon Open Studios community. So much so that she felt confident enough afterwards to give up her job and pursue her art career full time.

"I can't showcase my work from home as it's too cramped, but friends were kind enough to offer me the use of their front room as a gallery space," explains Hannah.

I ended up selling six paintings, getting additional commission enquiries...

"I was so nervous, but people were incredibly supportive. I ended up selling six paintings, getting additional commission enquiries and even sold a painting shown as part of the Art Trail, organised by Caroline Day.

"Being at the launch of the art trail meant meeting other artists and forming new friendships and contacts for future collaborations. Everyone was very encouraging so I am really looking forward to showing my work during Swindon Open Studios again this year.”

We will be promoting all of our registered artists via their website listings, our Facebook page, our instagram and twitter feeds, and where possible we will also try to get the local media involved for extra features on group events and individual artists.

If you'd like to get involved as an artist please email us or go straight to our registration form, we'd love to let you join us on our rising tide.

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