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Tara Parker-Woolway

My lively gestural painting style enables me to convey an impression of a subject which is rooted in reality but not bound by it. I create instinctively: colours and shapes flow with an energy of their own. I paint with my hands, layering acrylic and then scraping and wiping away to leave remnants of colour behind. A piece can take months to finish due to the painting, wiping and overpainting of glazes and marks. I often rotate the canvas as I paint, so that the piece can have no fixed orientation, it is up to the viewer to choose.

I work from my garden studio which is my go to creative space.

Featured Image: The Stream Grew Up

Tara Parker-Woolway
6 Church Row, Bourton, SN6 8JG
Saturday 21 September, Sunday 22 September 11am-5pm
Refreshments, Garden space
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