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Mary Thorne

Mary is a potter whose work illustrates the local landscape, particularly the Ridgeway and the Marlborough Downs. She makes a range of domestic ware with the distinctive "tree on a hill" motif, and a variety of decorative bowls.

In the last year she has been incorporating the image of Red Kites into her designs. She also makes a range of porcelain and silver jewellery. Commissions welcome.

Mary's work is thrown on the potters wheel and then the surface is shaped, carved or painted to create different effects. A wide range of her work will be on display. She will be sharing a studio with Kate Wade, watercolour artist.

Featured Image: Sunrise on the Ridgeway

Mary Thorne
12 Barcelona Crescent, Wroughton, Swindon, Wiltshire , SN4 9EE
Open Saturday 28 September, Sunday 29 September 11am-5pm
Refreshments & Garden Space
t: 078772 632549
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