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Charlotte Riley

Visit Charlotte’s studio to see original artwork where the landscape has provided much of the inspiration for her art.

Charlotte is a self-taught artist. She works intuitively, and loves to experiment in order to develop her art practice. She favours a limited palette and soft muted tones. Through her art Charlotte seeks to express her observations and feelings about being out in the landscape in all seasons.

This year Charlotte has chosen to work mostly in charcoal, watercolour and pencil, and on paper predominantly.

Charlotte will have original artwork, as well as studio sketches and works in progress on display, and looks forward to sharing her art with you.

Featured work: Charcoal & Watercolour

Charlotte Riley
1 Lidenbrook, Liddington, Swindon, SN4 0HL
Open Saturday 21 September 10am to 4pm
Refreshments available
t: 07816 753353
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