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Artsite • The Post Modern • Number Nine & Number Ten

Artsite is an arts development charity with a complex of 3 buildings and 20 studios in Theatre Square.

The Post Modern

Sue Bardwell – Mixed Media
Lynette Thomas – Mosaics
Brendan Hamley – Music
Phyllida Richards –Textiles + Enamelling
Cid Dias – Printing
Dona Bradley – Illustration
Adam Crosland – Painting
Steve Light – Painting
Deirdre Levy – Mixed Media + Installation
Philip Robinson – Painting
James Cheriton – Mixed Media
Riley Mathers – painting
Bill Cox – Painting + Installation

In the Post Modern gallery there will be a group exhibition of studio artist’s and friends of Artsite’s artwork

Number Nine
Sophie Boyce – Printing + Mixed Media
Caryn Koh – Painting
Ed Russell – Painting

Number Ten
Paula Sullivan – Mixed Media
Sally Taylor- Mixed media
Paul Exton – Painting + Drawing
Leah Panigada –Carey - 2D Animator
Thomas Stephens – 2D Illustrator/comic artist

Featured work: Main image by Tim Carroll

The Post Modern, Theatre Square, Swindon SN1 1QN
Open Saturday 21 and Sunday 22 September 11am to 5pm
Refreshments available
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