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Andi Theokle

Andi has always been a lover of colour, form and nature and that has been a common thread throughout her work. Andi enjoyed a career in interior architecture for 20+ years while practising as an artist until 4 years ago when she decided to solely focus on art. Her work has been exhibited in many countries within Europe as well as Canada, Hong Kong, Dubai and the States.

Her abstract collections that are inspired by water and the sky are created to invoke calm on the viewer and to allow the viewer to get lost in the piece, never tiring of seeing new things within it. Her nudes and teddies are focused on the naughty and playful characteristics of people as well as celebrating the beauty of the human form while equally challenging the taboos surrounding sexuality. The city scapes celebrate the different facets of London. Art is nothing without a reaction or an emotion.

Featured Image: Pink Lady Reclining

Andi Theokle
Bella Vista, 60 Bath Road, Swindon SN1 4AY
Open Saturday 21 September, Sunday 22 September 11am to 5pm
Garden space & refreshments
t: 07958 569509
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