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Tara Parker-Woolway

A riot of colour awaits you in my home studio. I am currently making ephemeral dream like semi abstract paintings.


The marks made by my brush or my fingers often form the shapes of abstracted land, sea and floral scapes: hidden spaces and forgotten vistas.


I create instinctively, colours and shapes flow with an energy of their own. A painting evolves and appears on the canvas as I work.


Rather than looking to achieve realism and detail in my work I go to the studio and try to listen to an inner voice that allows me to work spontaneously, thinking about colour, shape and texture. There are always feather and fur characters to be seen too.

Featured work: Liminal dreaming II

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6 Church Row, Bourton SN6 8JG

Open Saturday 24 and Sunday 25 September 12 noon to 5pm

The Studio is found at the exit of Pinewood School. There is ample parking in the layby opposite the houses.

Refreshments and garden space available.

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