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Tara Parker-Woolway

My lively gestural painting style enables me to convey an impression of a subject which is rooted in reality not bound by it. I create instinctively: colours and shapes flow with an energy of their own. I often rotate the canvas as I paint, so that the piece can have no fixed orientation, it is up to the viewer to choose.


The marks made by my brush, or my fingers form the shapes of abstracted land, sea, and floral scapes. Paint, pastel, and charcoal blend to form harmonious layers of colour and rich textures.

Featured work: Breezes spent 2023

Tara Parker-Woolway - Breezes spent 2023
6 Church Row, Bourton SN6 8JG

Open Saturday 23 and Sunday 24 September 11am to 5pm

The Studio is found at the exit of Pinewood School. There is ample parking in the layby opposite the houses.

Refreshments and garden space available.

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