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Rory Colson

I make artwork about people and our connection to each other and our natural world. I attempt to explore this through the visualisation of metaphysical and universal concepts that have influenced my life. Of these, natural unity and interconnectivity are of particular significance to me; each aspect is fundamental to human existence and gives us place, purpose, and fulfilment.


My work is influenced by various spiritual values, which for me emphasise the balance of all things.


My main focus is on watercolours and ink.

Rory is exhibiting alongside Jade Ansell.

Featured work: Tree of Ages

Rory Colson - Tree of Ages
20 Eastcott Hill, Swindon SN1 3JG

Open Saturday 16 and Sunday 17 September 11am to 5pm

Refreshments and garden space available.

t: 07740 087215
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