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Victoria Carter

I am a ceramicist based in Old Town, creating work from my attic or lounge.


I bring influence from where I grew up in Devon, the moorland and coastal hues are becoming more present in my work.


The decorative mark making process is a combination of thoughtfulness and spontaneity. I use a mixture of household objects like a toothbrush or fork; making use of what is available to me to create expressive, personal work.


I make a range of work from sculptural vases to functional work, fun homewares, and wearable pieces; there’s something for everyone!

Featured work: Moorland Made

Victoria Carter - Moorland Made
12 Evelyn Street, Swindon SN3 1RP

Open 16, 17, 23 and 24 September 11am to 5pm

Refreshments and garden space available.

t: 07786 567228
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