Ushma Sargeant - textile artist

Ushma creates landscape and wildlife pictures using fibre. She takes inspiration from the unique and historical scenery around her, working to capture light, depth and texture with fibre. Fibres used include wool, silk, camel, alpaca, llama, angora, flax, seaweed, bamboo and acrylic.


The pictures are made using needle and wet felting methods and range from mini 10cm pieces to large scale landscapes up to a metre wide.


Ushma started using fibre as a medium in 2015 and has developed her knowledge and skills with practice. Each piece requires individual techniques to achieve the desired effect, so there is always something new to learn.

Featured work: Hare on Yellow

Ushma Sargeant Hare on Yellow
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Ye Olde Forge, Hockerbench, Bishopstone
Swindon SN6 8PW

Venue is next door to Bishopstone Village Hall.

Open Saturday 21, Sunday 22, Saturday 28 and Sunday 29 September 11am to 5pm
Refreshments and garden space available.

Refreshments and food also available at the nearby Helen Browning's Royal Oak

t: 07866 806289