Melody Pike

I love drawing and painting faces. This will be my first ever public art event. As an artist with autism, I may be somewhat quiet, but the colourful quirky characters I create make up for that. I also enjoy making my own paints to use, the purple used in this one was made from an old chalk pastel (one of the first paints I made).


I will have a collection of paintings and drawings to view and cards available to purchase. If you are looking for something a little different, well... it's here.

Featured work: Shisen

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156 Moredon Road, Moredon, Swindon SN25 3EP

Open Saturday 17 and Saturday 24 September 11am to 5pm

Refreshments and garden space available.

Free Parking available on the driveway or on-street.

t: 07914 881383