Lisa Lowe – Ceramics

I love clay and all things ceramic and am constantly experimenting with shapes and colours, I am drawn to bright colours, life quotes and clean lines.


I am inspired by everyday life and I love making items that can be used in the home. I am mostly self taught and I make practical and decorative pottery, my current of work is made from a medium range stoneware and oxidation fired.


Firing and opening the kiln can be very exciting and although I won't be firing the kiln on the open days I will have my workshop open and can explain the making process, along with various items for sale around the garden.

Featured work: Colourful Balsmic vinegar and oil dishes

Lisa Lowe Ceramics
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8, Tismeads Crescent, Swindon SN1 4DR

Open 21 & 22 September 11am to 5pm
Refreshments and garden space available.

t: 07875 082828