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John Maskalaniec

I’m out in the sticks, in a unit plenty of room to paint in. 


It’s circles, no beginning no end. The image is Space- Grains of sand - a virus!,, What science proves Art provokes and reassembles with facility of reverence.


Picture a child bouncing a ball while walking home in the moonlight, the star’s glittering, and its omelette for tea.

I will be at work during every day of the opening. Large canvases 2x4 m , medium is acrylic , subject being circles . I like colour and work that asks questions, there is always a theme.

Featured work: Balls

John Maskaleniac - Fraser Dalglish, The Glaswegian Wizard
Unit 10 Salford road , Lower Bassett Down Workshops, Wroughton SN4 9QT 

Open 21, 22, 28 and 29 September 11am to 5pm

Wheelchair access

t: 07845 201210
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