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Dona Bradley

My illustration work is very location specific and I have a wide ranging portfolio of illustrations of Swindon plus other UK towns and cities. I use a mixture of hand-drawing and digital colour to create my work which gives it an individual and contemporary feel.


For my Swindon range I have been influenced by the railway heritage of the town so my resulting prints are often compared with the railway travel posters displayed at stations across the country in the mid 20th Century.


I also use my illustrations to produce a range of gifts and homewares to bring art into everyday life and create lovely memorable gifts for Swindonians everywhere.

Featured work: Swindon illustrated coasters

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Central Library, Regent Circus, Swindon SN1 1QG

Open Saturday 17 and Saturday 24 September 10am to 4pm.

t: 07846 847957

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