David Bent Hon CRAeS

Long time participants and supporters of Swindon Open Studios, David & Carole Bent will be welcoming visitors to the studio on 28th & 29th September.


This is a good opportunity to see where David has created paintings exhibited at the Swindon Museum and Art Gallery (2019), The Russell Cotes Art Gallery & Museum, Royal Air Force Museum, London and Great Western Hospital.


Paintings and art prints include David's Red Arrows collection,  geometric landscapes, intricate photo collages and art works tackling major contemporary social issues, including Yellow Cake U308, Chernobyl and sections of Movement 2000.

Awarded Honorary Companionship of the Royal Aeronautical Society, David is well known for his aviation inspired painting, many created in the studio over the past 25 years. The more you look in this studio... the more you'll see, including about his wider work.
Originals and limited edition prints will be available to buy.

Featured work: Yellow Cake U308

David Bent Yellow Cake U308
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The Old Nursery, Marlborough Lane, Swindon SN3 1RA

Open Saturday 28 September and Sunday 29 September 11am to 5pm
Refreshments and garden space (including a rocket!) available.

t: 07798 787450
e: david@artofflight.co.uk