Belinda Gizzi - Ceramist

I have worked as a ceramist for almost 20 years, my work has been regularly exhibited in open studios Hampshire, Hungerford, West Berks hospital, Mary Hare School Newbury, West Lavington Sculpture Park and the Corn exchange Newbury.


My work is about discovery, finding detritus collected on beaches in Cornwall and looking at graffiti and the marks the weather and people have left on the landscapes I am exploring.


I will be showing my recent work that is functional with a nod to the colours of the landscape.

Featured work: Cobden

Belinda Gizzi Smaller.jpg
28 Harcourt Road, Swindon SN2 1DR
(parking and studio entrance to the rear of the house)

Open 21 & 29 September 11am to 5pm
Refreshments and garden space available.

t: 07734 461548