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Margaret Robbins

Working with locally sourced sheep's fleece and botanical dyes grown on her allotment and garden, Margaret creates simply woven unique pieces placing natural colour and texture centre-stage - these weaves can become wall hangings, throws, made into cushion covers and clothing. She aims to use all of the sheep's fleece, using simple processes and tools, producing usable and wearable textile art with traditional craft skills.

Visitors can expect to see the 2023/24 series of weaves, using dyed and naturally coloured handspun yarn from local sheep flocks. A beautiful palette of blues (from woad), reds (from madder), yellows (from dyers chamomile and other plants) and greens will be available in the range of knitting yarns, mill-spun, using fleece from Margaret's own Blue Faced Leicester flock. Margaret will be on hand to answer questions and provide details of 'Fleece to Finish' workshops being run by her over the autumn and winter months.

Featured Image: Woad

Margaret Robbins
The Garage, 24 Park Avenue, Highworth, Swindon, SN6 7AW
Open Saturday 28 September, Sunday 29 September 11am to 5pm
t: 07393 483996
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