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Karis Rose

Hello my name is Karis, this will be my third year of Swindon Open Studios. I’m a painter and a drawer. I like to paint in very bright colours with lots of layers of fun. I also paint on recycled wood, mainly small birds, once painted they are then prepared to be used as a wall hanging.

I Like to paint animals in pairs, such as mum and child, it feels me with joy seeing animals feeling love the way we do. When I draw I feel like I almost use a different part of my brain to painting, as I want it to be perfect and look exactly the Same as the reference, thinking about every pencil stoke carefully.

For any more information about what I do please feel free to contact me. Thanks so much Karis.

Featured Image: Safe

Karis Rose
The Barn, Stanton Park, The Avenue, Stanton Fitzwarren, Swindon, SN6 7SF
Open 21 and 22, September 10am to 5pm
Wheelchair access, Refreshments, Garden space
t: 07368 375724
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