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Georgia Sheppard

The process of creating plaster relief casts is a meticulous one. I start by selecting the perfect specimen, paying close attention to its unique characteristics. Then, I create a mold using clay, ensuring that every contour and crevice is accurately captured. Once the mold is ready, I pour the plaster mixture and patiently wait for it to set. The final step involves carefully removing the mold, revealing a stunning relief cast that showcases the intricate beauty of the subject. In addition to plaster relief casting, I also explore the world of acrylic painting. This medium allows me to add vibrant colours and bring a new dimension to my artwork.

Featured Image: Georgia Sheppard

Georgia Sheppard
Callas Hill Farm, High Street, Wanborough , Swindon , Wiltshire , SN4 0AE
Open Saturday 21 September, Sunday 22 September 11am to 5pm
Garden space
t: 07523 857305
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